Annual Dental Survey 2012

Our seventh Annual Dental Survey has examined people's attitudes to dental health. We surveyed 11,785 British adults and found that fewer people are now struggling to find an NHS dentist. However, cost is still an issue for many:

  • 36% don't think that visiting the dentist is good value for money
  • 54% are worried they won't be able to afford dental care in the future

A lack of information

We also found that many patients are not given clear information about treatment or dental charges:

  • Only 27% have found that during their check-ups their dentist provides them with a written treatment plan that includes charges
  • 48% haven't ever noticed that dental prices are explained by the dentist or clearly displayed in their dental practice

We also asked whether people are aware of the symptoms and causes of mouth cancer, and whether they have any bad dental habits. You can read the full annual dental report here.

How to manage your dental costs

Our Simply Dental Plan can help you and your family manage the cost of your dental care. It covers check-ups, treatment, accidents and emergencies. It's designed to help you manage the cost of routine visits to the dentist and get insurance for the unexpected. To find out more about our Simply Dental Plan take a look at our video explaining the benefits of the plan. The Simply Cash Plan also includes a dental benefit that provides cash back for check-ups, treatment and hygienist fees.

Listen to Simplyhealth spokesperson James Glover and Simplyhealth's dental advisor Michael Thomas discuss the findings of the report.