Are we an instant health generation?

Our latest research shows that many people are worried about how the NHS will care for them in future. The report titled: Are we an instant health generation? also suggests that many people are turning to the internet to help with health problems, rather than head straight to their GP.

We used market research specialists YouGov to survey 5,097 working adults for the report, which is supported by Dr Pixie McKenna from Channel 4s 'Embarrassing Bodies'.

Concern over a changing NHS

  • More than half of the UK are concerned that they will need to wait longer to receive treatment
  • 45% believe that NHS cuts will mean that they may be denied treatment altogether
  • 59% say they would consider paying to be seen privately if it meant they were diagnosed quicker

Online health

  • 58% say they would rather turn to the internet than immediately see a healthcare professional
  • 55% would be willing to give information about their symptoms online
  • 23% would give details about their medical history online