Becoming a B Corp


In July 2022, we were certified as the UK’s first Health Insurer to be awarded B Corp status. We’ve always stood for a healthier world and are under no illusion that action is required for this to happen.

That’s why we’ve been walking the path to do good in the world for decades through our positive impact on the environment, in the way we contribute to society and by governing ourselves in a responsible way. Essentially, in what modern day terms we’d refer to as ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance).  At Simplyhealth, we’ve never answered to shareholders, instead we reinvest our profits into helping our customers access the healthcare they need and supporting our communities.

For 150 years we have been committed to a clear purpose: improving access to healthcare for all in the UK. Today we improve over two million peoples’ access to healthcare across the nation. We genuinely believe that our business can continue to become a better force for good for the next 150 years.

Business as a force for good

B Corp is all about harnessing the power of business as a force for good. That’s got to ring true and reside deep in the heart and soul of a business. It can’t simply be expected or enforced by leaders. It can’t just be another sound bite on a website.

Becoming B Corp certified is our genuine (and legal) commitment to uphold our purpose, our values and beliefs. To continue to care for our customers, our community, the environment and of course our colleagues. It gives us a framework to measure our actions, hold ourselves accountable and continuously improve our business. It also gives us the chance to support other businesses to become a force for good, too. One day, we won’t be the only UK health insurer to have achieved B Corp status. We can’t wait for that day.

Driving change internally

Internally, we’re cementing the B Corp mindset and behaviours into our everyday processes. Working with companies with a strong ESG outlook and seeking out other B Corp certified businesses (suppliers, distributors, contractors) to partner with. We’re setting ambitious targets for our B Corp progress, undertaking an internal annual B Impact Report, to ensure we are always progressing.

In time, Individuals’ and teams’ objectives will contribute to our progress on B Corp, with ‘B Keepers’ through our business upholding the values, aims, mission and certification.

Supporting a network

Externally, as a key part of our ESG strategy we aim to grow in our role as B Corp ambassadors with our corporate customers and partners. We will use our heritage and experience to spread the word, share Best Practice and mentor others on their B Corp journey.

Becoming part of this forward-thinking network is the start of another pioneering chapter in our history of improving access to healthcare for all in the UK. We’re looking forward to the next 150 years when we can increase our efforts to work as a force for good alongside other like-minded businesses.

If this is of interest to you, or your organisation, we’d love to hear from you and help in any way we can. Please get in touch.

Charlotte Cook

ESG Lead