CMI and Simplyhealth Quality of Working Life Report 2012

Simplyhealth is supporting the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) report into The Quality of Working Life 2012.  The survey released on 17 July 2012 looks into the effect the last five years have had on working life. Since the last survey in 2007 it has been reported that people are working harder, faster and longer with less job satisfaction. Only 55% of managers in 2012 reported feeling job satisfaction which is down from 62% in 2007. 60% of those that are working overtime feel they are doing so because they have no choice. While 42% of managers have suffered some form of work related stress in the last five years.

It is not all negative though, companies that have a positive management style have reported growth in 2012. 35% of firms that described their management style as empowering had experienced growth. In contrast 45% of firms that described their management style as authoritarian had experienced decline. The report demonstrates that the healthy workplace creates a more profitable business as well as happier employees.


The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) have more than 90,000 members and are the only chartered professional body that promotes high standards in management and the importance of good leadership.