Dental practice launches school visit programme to promote good dental health

Primary school pupils in Barnsley learnt the importance of brushing their teeth during a special visit from staff at nearby dental practice.

A team from Mapplewell Dental Centre spoke to 108 four to seven-year-olds at Darton Primary School about the importance of good dental hygiene. The visit in November was the first of several the practice is hosting in schools to educate children about the need to take good care of their teeth as poor dental hygiene in childhood can have an impact on dental and general health in adulthood.

Following a presentation, the children each received a gift pack which included a Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste and a tooth cleaning calendar.

We had an excellent time talking to the pupils. My favourite parts were getting the children to put their hand up once they thought two minutes had passed to emphasise the length of time needed to brush their teeth and to categorise common snacks into ‘low’ and ‘high’ sugar contents.

We hope all the pupils had a great time and enjoyed the goody bags that we handed out at the end of the assembly.

Good dental hygiene is important to everyone, adults as well as children. If you’ve any concerns see your dentist, or pop in and chat to one of the team here at Mapplewell Dental Centre.
Dominic Smith, lead for child dentistry at Mapplewell Dental Centre
As a school we recognise the importance of educating children from an early age about looking after their teeth. The goody bags were a great bonus and enormous thanks for the goodwill of Mapplewell Dental Centre.
Jo Lancett, Headteacher at Darton Primary School

Mapplewell Dental Centre is based in Mapplewell, just outside Barnsley, and has been providing a caring, family orientated approach to dental care since 1995. In recent years it has added more advanced cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening and straightening. The practice operates as a partnership with Simplyhealth, an organisation that has been supporting people to get the healthcare they need since 1872.