Exhilarating flight in a Bulldog plane for one brave individual

Daring David Percival of Abington, Cambridge has taken to the skies above the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (IWM), thanks to Gowrings Mobility, Simplyhealth and Aerobility. 64 year old David visited Simplyhealth at the Gowrings Mobility's Roadshow and was lucky enough to be offered the chance to fly above Duxford.

David enjoyed an exhilarating and inspiring flight in Aerobility's two seater Bulldog plane. David comments on his experience:

"The whole experience was fantastic. The sense of freedom was wonderful. It was something I have always wanted to do but never thought possible due to the limitations of my disability but with the aid of the Robohoist and all the wonderful people from Aerobility, Gowrings Mobility and Simplyhealth it became a reality.

"I hope that apart from the obvious enjoyment for me, that my experience will also benefit others. If there are any disabled people out there who read about this, especially those that are trying to come to terms with a sudden disability due to something like a road traffic accident, it will help them to see that these days life does not have to end if you are facing a serious disability. You can still have adventurous and challenging experiences if you are in a wheelchair. The sky really is the limit!

"I myself have been in a wheelchair since 1965 following a road traffic accident when I was just 17 years old. I have had a great life with some amazing experiences that I might never have had if I had not been disabled.

"So thank you to everyone at Aerobility, Gowrings Mobility and Simplyhealth that helped make it possible. I am now thinking about training for my pilot's licence!"

The flight took place during the Gowrings Mobility Roadshow at IWM. The facilities at IWM offered an exceptional opportunity to work with Aerobility to give some lucky visitors a most inspiring experience - a 20 minute flight above the museum taking control of the specially adapted plane.

The aim of the Roadshow programme, now running for its third year, is to inspire people with disabilities to experience attractions and places of interest they may not have otherwise considered. Stopping at top venues across the UK this year, including London and Bristol Zoos, Woburn Safari Park and the National Space Centre, the events are expected to attract many visitors.

Janet Seward, Sales and Marketing Director of accessible transport specialist Gowrings Mobility, said: "The aim of the programme is to show people what they can do and take the attitude that you really can 'go where you want to go'. A free day out at an accessible visitor attraction such as IWM Duxford will hopefully inspire visitors."

The Roadshow moves onto Explosion, the Museum of Naval Firepower, at Gosport on 28 and 29 Feb and 1 March. Simplyhealth and a number of important charities will be in attendance, providing advice and information to families, carers and organisations expected to visit the roadshow. Wheelchair users and their carers will be able to gain free entrance to the museum during the Roadshow dates.

For further details and to request a free invitation to a Roadshow event call Gowrings Mobility on 0845 608 8020.


Gowrings Mobility is one of the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of wheelchair passenger vehicles. Gowrings Mobility converts vehicles so that a wheelchair user can remain seated in their wheelchair whilst travelling as a passenger. Based in Thatcham, Gowrings Mobility operates nationwide through the provision of a free test drive and demonstration service, enabling customers to test a vehicle in their own local and familiar environment. For more information, contact Lo-Call 0845 608 8020 or at

Aerobility is a charity offering disabled people, without exception, the opportunity to fly an aeroplane . Aerobility removes barriers and offers disabled people a real sense of achievement and genuinely changes people's lives. Aerobility's specially adapted aircraft fly from various airfields around the UK providing life changing trial flights and flight training. Aerobility formerly known as the British Disabled Flying Association aims to support all kinds of disabled aviation and represents the needs of disabled people whatever their aviation aspirations. The charity could not exist without the support of many volunteers and organisations that generously give their time and resources to change the lives of over 400 disabled people every year, with participants ranging from disabled kids through to soldiers recently wounded on active duty.
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