Healthcare provider Simplyhealth donates £2,500 to the Avon Sports and Leisure Club

Local healthcare provider Simplyhealth has donated £2,500 to the Avon Sports and Leisure Club for the visually impaired. The charity organises events for people with vision loss and works with local businesses to improve facilities for those who suffer visual impairment.
Sylvia Gallimore, spokesperson for Avon Sports and Leisure Club comments: "We are trying to make the world a more interactive place for people with visual impairments and have been campaigning to get audio descriptions into some of the biggest art attractions in Bristol including the M Shed museum and gallery at the Bristol docks. We also organise social events for those with visual problems. Having a disability can be isolating but it doesn't have to be with the help and support of charities like ours."

Jamie Wilson spokesperson for Simplyhealth said: "We are delighted to donate this money to the Avon Sports and Leisure Club. They are taking great steps to make more venues across Bristol accessible for all people. The events that they organise offer a great support to the visually impaired community and encourage them to join in with social events. Improving wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at Simplyhealth and we are always happy to help charities that support people in the local community."

Simplyhealth is a company that follows mutual values and invests its money back into its customers and local charities. In 2011 the company donated over £1 million to charities in the UK.

Simplyhealth has active community funds in four of its locations, Andover, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester, which exist to support charities and organisations in the local community. To contact the Bristol community fund please email  Why not visit our Facebook page to find out more on how we work with local and national charities.

Avon Sports and Leisure Club work with visually impaired people organising social events and encouraging attractions to make their experience more interactive. For more information visit

For more information on Simplyhealth or to download a copy of Simplyhealth's Annual Dental Survey please visit


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