Helping people overcome barriers to healthcare

Simplyhealth has been helping people overcome barriers to health since 1872, building on its founding belief that no-one should go without the healthcare support they need.

Today Simplyhealth is the UK’s leading provider of health plans, Denplan payment plans and pet health plans, supporting 3.7 million individuals, families, employees and pets. Its plans help customers take control of their health and see the right professionals when they need to.

Simplyhealth’s Annual Report 2018 highlights a 2.8% rise in corporate client numbers and growth in its pet health plans business.

Throughout the year Simplyhealth saw an increase in the number of dental partnerships with a 50% ownership model and a 1.6 point rise in its customer experience index.

Simplyhealth’s Denplan operating arm performed strongly in the last operational report. The core dental plan, Denplan, and the animal health-focused business units each saw a rise in turnover while also bringing down operating costs.

This progress saw expenses decrease to £32m YoY (4% decrease), while revenue rose a commensurate amount, to £41m (almost 4%). Pre-tax profit rose to £11.7m, which is just under 62% more than the previous period.

Digital transformation a key focus

Automation and digital experiences in all aspects of life are evolving at a rapid pace, and in healthcare, customers want quick and easy access to the support and services they need to help them manage their health.

During 2018 Simplyhealth invested in its Transformation Programme and evaluated the value and capabilities of its IT software and applications against the likelihood of more sophisticated and automated systems being available in the market place within the next few years. Following a review, the decision was made to halt the development of one IT project.

Romana Abdin, Simplyhealth Chief Executive
As a result of this experience and the rapid pace of innovation in technology we will be looking to the market for future solutions. This may include partnering with technology experts, so we can bring our knowledge of healthcare and create digital solutions that enhance the experiences of our customers and help more people get the healthcare support they need.

Romana Abdin, Simplyhealth Chief Executive