Rocking the Red in February; Simplyhealth fundraises for the British Heart Foundation

Simplyhealth have taken on February as a heart health month, raising money for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Called ‘Rock the Red Challenge’, employees raised a total of £4,569 in February by wearing red clothing and accessories which generated a £3 donation from Simplyhealth, keeping active to help hearts stay strong and healthy raised another £5, and by sharing internally something that each person loves using #ilovebecause added a further £3 from Simplyhealth.

Our employees enjoy getting involved in our fundraising challenges especially during lockdown, as it provides motivation for themselves to get active and creative, whilst fundraising for a worthy cause.

Our recent Rock the Red challenge was all about the importance of heart health. We were blown away by everyone’s efforts and decided to round up the total to £5000. By raising money for the British Heart Foundation, we are helping to fund research that gets closer to cures and treatments of heart and circulatory disease.
Wendy Cummins, Community Manager at Simplyhealth

In the UK, one person dies from heart and circulatory diseases every three minutes. Around twice as many people are living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK than with cancer and Alzheimer’s disease combined1. The BHF is the UK’s largest independent funder of heart research.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone at Simplyhealth for getting involved and supporting our work during National Heart Month.

This support has never been more needed. Due to the impact of Covid-19, our ability to fund new research into heart and circulatory diseases has been cut in half. Slowing down our research delays the discovery of new treatments and cures and puts even more lives at risk.
Will Ham, Fundraising Manager for the British Heart Foundation

About Simplyhealth

Since 1872 we’ve been helping people get healthcare through our health plans, charity partnerships and by being a voice in healthcare. Today we’re delighted to be the UK’s leading provider of health and dental plans, which help individuals, families, and employees to get support with their health when they need it.

We don’t have shareholders which means we are totally focused on making sure no one goes without the healthcare support they need, and why we are passionate about being a voice in healthcare and partnering with charities to reduce health inequality. We have a commitment to donate part of our pre-tax profits to charities or community projects each year and spread our donations across a wide range of healthcare-related charities.

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About the British Heart Foundation

With donations from the public, the BHF funds ground-breaking research that will get us closer than ever to a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. A world where broken hearts are mended, where millions more people survive a heart attack, where the number of people dying from or disabled by a stroke is slashed in half. A world where people affected by heart and circulatory diseases get the support they need. And a world of cures and treatments we can’t even imagine today. We are backing the best ideas, the brightest minds and the biggest ambitions – because that’s how we’ll beat heartbreak forever.