Simplyhealth and Nature at Work win ‘Gold’ at Plants@Work awards

Nature at work, the company who carried out the design and installation, was awarded the ‘Gold Leaf’ at the 2019 Plants@Work Awards in the interior landscaping category.

As part of its continued investment to modernise its offices, health plan provider Simplyhealth, which is based in Andover and Winchester, has invested in creating healthy working environments for its colleagues. A key inspiration for the environment is its commitment to health and wellbeing and includes collaborative spaces, and an innovative planting scheme.

The award winning design brought together moss pictures, pairings of plant displays, plant-clad central pillars and a stunning central lit hanging display – all with air purification benefits for colleagues.

In a recent survey, a third of Simplyhealth colleagues working in the new environment said that it encouraged flexibility and agility and nearly two thirds said that it was aiding higher levels of performance.

Chief Operating Officer at Simplyhealth
Congratulations to Nature at Work for winning this very deserving award. We wanted to create safe, healthy, agile and modern working environments that support all our colleagues and business areas to grow and perform at our very best for our customers. We’ve completed Anton House in Andover and are now working on Simplyhealth House in Winchester. We plan to have transformed all of our offices by next Summer.

Chief Operating Officer at Simplyhealth
Plants@Work sets a recognised quality standard for our industry, so it’s an honour to receive this Gold Award. This Gold Leaf award recognises a well-designed planting scheme that successfully transforms Simplyhealth’s workspace in an innovative, space-saving and cost-effective way, whilst promoting staff health and wellbeing.

David Snell, Nature at Work Managing Director

The 2019 Plants@Work Awards recognise the high standards of workmanship and maintenance within the interior landscaping industry including covering offices, retail, hotels and hospitality and more.