Simplyhealth challenges businesses: ‘Are you looking after the most important of your business? Well?’

Simplyhealth, the UK’s leading supplier of health and dental plans, has rebooted its product offering by launching the new Optimise Health Plan for businesses.

Optimise has been launched in line with Simplyhealth’s latest campaign which will see the health cash plan provider challenge forward-thinking businesses to maintain the most important asset of their company – their people.

Pam Whelan, Director of Corporate for Simplyhealth
“The reality is that the demands of modern life are taking its toll on society. Addressing mental health issues, increasing productivity and reducing sickness absence are all top of the agenda for many HR managers as more employees are feeling the impact of the 24/7 work / life culture. At Simplyhealth, we believe that having a health plan in place to look after employees’ physical, mental and financial wellbeing is no longer a business nicety, it is a necessity.

“And we want businesses to realise that. Workplaces all have proactive maintenance plans in place to keep their most important machines and equipment – such as IT systems or company vehicles – performing at their peak. But what about the most important cog in their business’ machine – their employees? Are they looking after them? Well?”
Pam Whelan, Director of Corporate for Simplyhealth

Simplyhealth’s new health plan, Optimise, enables businesses to look after their people and make it easy for employees to maintain their health and wellbeing amidst the increasing pressures of everyday work and life. And if employees continue to perform well physically, mentally and financially, so does the business.

Optimise offers six comprehensive levels of cover, providing employees with support towards their everyday health costs and concerns. This includes 100% cash back for optician visits, dental treatment and physiotherapy treatment, as well as access to a 24/7 GP service, professional advice and counselling.

The health plan is available to businesses directly, or via intermediaries, and can be funded solely by the business, through salary deduct, via flexible benefits platforms or personal direct debit paid for by the employee.

To coincide with the release of Optimise, Simplyhealth has produced a 5 step guide to help employers build a successful business case for everyday wellbeing and performance. The guide can be downloaded for free here: simplyhealth.co.uk/PerformWell.

For more information about Simplyhealth’s Optimise, visit: simplyhealth.co.uk/businesses or simplyhealth.co.uk/intermediaries.


About SimplyhealthSimplyhealth have been providing cost-effective, accessible and manageable health cash plans for more than 100 years.

Our market-leading products help businesses demonstrate real commitment to the maintenance of their employees’ health, wellbeing and everyday performance.

We help companies, and their talent, perform well. In an age of technology, it’s still people who create business advantage.

Simplyhealth’s health cash plans enable businesses to look after their employees, and make it easy for people to maintain their health and wellbeing, so they can look after business.

We offer two types of preventative health cash plans:

  • Optimise: our health plan, providing money back and access to a range of treatments including visits to the optician, dentist, 24/7 GP services and more.

  • Denplan: the UK’s leading dental payment plan, providing money back on routine examinations and hygiene treatments.


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