Simplyhealth congratulates the NHS on its 70th anniversary

As the NHS turns 70 this week, we've taken a look back at our own history and how we have evolved and grown alongside the NHS. We're excited to see how the NHS evolves and changes over the next 70 years, and in turn how we can continue to adapt and change to help ensure better everyday health for as many people as possible.


Romana Abdin, Chief Executive of Simplyhealth
The NHS is incredible, but the reality is it was never created to cater for every healthcare need and nor is it able to.

As our population ages and grows, the healthcare needs of our nation have never been greater. There can never be a one-size-fits-all solution to healthcare in the UK and the NHS cannot support the health needs of the nation alone, it must work in partnership.

Throughout Simplyhealth’s 146 year history we have always worked in partnership. The kind of partnership that is our customers and the healthcare professionals who deliver care working together to support people with their everyday healthcare needs. We now help over three million people to take personal responsibility for their health by providing access to dentists, opticians, physiotherapists and much more. That helps to relieve pressure on the NHS and helps more people make the most of life through better everyday health.
Romana Abdin, Chief Executive of Simplyhealth