Simplyhealth donates £23,811 to Downs Syndrome Association

Following a donation of £23,811 by healthcare provider Simplyhealth, the Down's Syndrome Association is now able to develop its Health Check Book for adults with Down's Syndrome to help improve their overall health.

Down's Syndrome Association is a national charity which helps and provides information to people with Down's syndrome and their families, for more information please visit

Simplyhealth has an active charitable committee that donates to national health related charities. It also has established community funds in all of its locations, Andover, Bristol, Leeds, Letchworth, Manchester and Winchester. These exist to support charities and organisations in the local community. To find out more on our charitable giving, why not visit our Facebook page

As part of their condition, people with Down's Syndrome are predisposed to a wide range of health problems which can include heart disease, Alzheimer's and thyroid disorders. These conditions can sometimes go unnoticed and untreated as individuals and their families don't necessarily have easy access to all of the medical information relevant to them. The book will be used by individuals to record and monitor their health. It also highlights the symptoms of a number of different health issues to help raise awareness of them. The aim of this project is to empower individuals to understand and to manage their own healthcare needs as well as improving communication with medical professionals. In addition to our printed Health Check Book we are also in the process of developing an online version, which contains more detailed information. This version will also be available to GPs in order to give them a better understanding of conditions which affect people with Down's syndrome. Thanks to the generous donation from Simplyhealth, we can start work on developing our printed and online Annual Health Check Book, with a view to making it available by 2014.
Carol Boys, Chief Executive for the Down's Syndrome Association
With over 20,000 members, and 130 support groups across the country, the Down's Syndrome Association does a fantastic job reaching out and supporting individuals who have the condition. We are pleased that our donation will have a positive impact on their health and we are delighted to be involved with this project.
Mark Day, Spokesperson for Simplyhealth

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