Simplyhealth launches new rapid scanning service nationwide after partnering with Scan.com


·        No more waiting for scans, with customers able to book MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound scans online in minutes

·        Simplyhealth is the first UK healthcare company to partner with Scan.com

·        Unlike more expensive PMI health insurance, Simplyhealth’s cash plans cost from just £10 a month, and allow customers discounts off the price of scans

Leading UK health solutions provider, Simplyhealth, has today launched a rapid scanning service for its customers following a successful pilot, helping them avoid long waiting lists.

Simplyhealth customers are able to book MRI, CT, X-ray, and Ultrasound scans online in minutes. A GP or consultant referral is not needed, and it takes on average just five days to get a scan. With costs starting from £295 for an MRI, customers with diagnostic cover within their Simplyhealth plan will also be able to claim back the costs (subject to policy limits).

All bookings include pre-and-post-scan clinician consultations, scans carried out by highly trained radiographers, and experienced radiologists’ reports delivered in a patient-friendly interactive format. These reports can be used to inform future treatments, including on the NHS.

Simplyhealth is partnering with Scan.com, the UK’s leading network of private medical imaging services, which has a UK-based network of over 150 scanning centres. At the same time the company has also invested in Scan.com through its £60million Venture Capital fund, Simplyhealth Ventures.

Simplyhealth’s mission is to improve access to healthcare for everyone in the UK, offering fast routes to excellent healthcare at affordable prices. Profits are reinvested back into new technology and innovation that provides customers with some of the best products in healthcare. Scan.com is the sixth investment from the Simplyhealth Ventures Fund following partnerships with the likes of Daye – a female-founded gynecological company, Ocuplan – supporting those with chronic eye conditions and PocDoc – a digital diagnostics platform.

Scan.com’s aim of making booking a diagnostic scan as easy as booking a hotel room aligns perfectly with our purpose of improving access to healthcare for everyone in the UK. At a time when people are experiencing long waiting lists for scans, potentially causing them worry, pain, or to be off sick from work, we are committed to helping people with faster, easier and cheaper access to diagnostic scans. We are delighted to add Scan.com to our Ventures portfolio, our sixth investment since starting the fund a year ago.

Rupert Novis, head of Simplyhealth Ventures

Established in 1872, Simplyhealth is one of the UK’s leading health solutions businesses. Over the past 150 years it has built a solid reputation and dedicated community, offering affordable personal and corporate health plans. To find out more, click here.