Simplyhealth ranked in top 100 social media brands

Judged by a panel of industry experts, Simplyhealth has been ranked position 88 in the Social Brands Top 100 2012.
Clare Lee, Head of Brand and Digital Marketing at Simplyhealth comments: "This is a fantastic achievement for us. As a brand that is about taking the time to bother about our customers, social media is a really important tool for us to ensure we engage with our customers and forge meaningful relationships with them. We have actively invested in our social media presence over the past year and we are delighted that our efforts have been independently recognised as making a genuine difference to our audiences.

"As a relatively new brand we plan to continue to build on our social media offering over the next few years, which will enable us to have conversations with our customers about their healthcare journey using a medium relevant to their needs."

Now in its second year, the Social Brands Top 100 is considered as one of the leading rankings of social media performance. Brands are initially nominated using Twitter, before its social media presence and interactions are reviewed by a panel of expert industry judges.

Brands are judged on three main criteria, which includes building win win relationships where brands are able to communicate fairly with audiences, prioritising the audiences needs ahead of their own immediate requirements. Active listening, where monitoring of the social media landscape takes place and is acted upon. Thirdly, appropriate social behaviour, which is the provision of a consistent brand presence within social media that is compelling, true, authentic and transparent.

Simplyhealth has been helping people access affordable healthcare for 140 years, through a variety of health cash plans, dental plans, private medical insurance, and mobility and living aids. For more information visit

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Notes to editors

- We became Simplyhealth in 2009 after bringing together HSA, BCWA, LHF, HealthSure, Totally Active, our   family of health companies have joined together over the last ten years to form Simplyhealth

- We've been providing healthcare solutions for 140 years, dedicated to serving our customers and patients through a variety of cash plans, dental plans, private medical insurance, self funded health plans and mobility and living aids 

- Simplyhealth is a trading name of Simplyhealth Access, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Simplyhealth as it stands today, now covers nearly four million people with health plans (more than any other company) and helps 20,000 companies with their employees' health

- Simplyhealth is committed to making a positive impact on its communities. Each year, we donate over £1 million to  health related charities and causes


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