Simplyhealth supports six local charities with latest grants

Remaining true to our purpose of helping people make the most of life through better everyday health, Simplyhealth is delighted to share our latest corporate giving news.

Totalling £134,699, we’re proud that we’ve recently been able to support six local community charities, helping people overcome health challenges and fulfil their potential.

As part of our local community, our corporate giving programme enables us to form true partnerships with like-minded charities across the Andover & Winchester areas, including the Test Valley, tackling challenges in local health issues together.

“Our purpose is to help people make the most of life through better everyday health and our corporate giving is at the heart of fulfilling that purpose. That’s why we donate 10% of our pre-tax profits to charitable partners every year. We work in close partnership with our charitable partners for a common good and we want to see and feel how we can and will make a long term difference to people’s lives and everyday health.”
Roger Cotton, Head of Corporate Giving, Simplyhealth

We’re delighted to share more about how our most recent grants are making a much bigger difference to so many people, allowing them to live happier, healthier lives and make the most of everyday.

Brainwave: £38,800
Having partnered Brainwave for 3 years, providing a total donation of £171,054, we’re proud to continue supporting the charity’s hydrotherapy pool and provision of one of their hydrotherapists. Offering real and measurable differences to over 500 adults and children who use the pool each month, our donation means that Brainwave can continue to keep open and maintain their invaluable hydrotherapy pool including lighting, heating, repairs and water testing. Providing a cost effective way of helping patients with health challenges to improve their overall quality of life, hydrotherapy can help to improve mobility, reduce muscle spasm, improve joint movement, improve balance, stimulate circulation and strengthen weak muscle groups.

Challengers Andover: £32,715
We’ve been working closely with Challengers for a number of years. Challengers offers the chance to access regular or short breaks to experience and enjoy life while providing families the vital opportunity to look after their own health and wellbeing. Earlier this year, Challengers’ grants for its Hampshire schemes were reduced. Unfortunately, this meant that the Andover Challengers and its Youth Scheme for 13-18 year olds was put at risk of closing at the end of Summer 2017. We know what a big difference Challengers makes to so many children and young peoples’ lives, including their families. So we’re delighted that we’re able to cover funding until the end of March 2018, giving the charity time to liaise with the local council to secure funding for the future.

The Children’s Trust Music Therapy: £30,588
Over the last two years, we’ve donated over £64,000 towards The Children’s Trust’s specialist play services, bringing joy and fun to the lives of over 400 children. This has included funding the salary of one full time Health Play Specialist for two years. We’re delighted to now donate an additional £30,558 for their Music Therapy programme. Music has long been held as the universal language but it’s even more important for children with brain injury who can’t communicate verbally. Music therapy helps them discover new ways to express themselves, supporting their rehabilitation by helping them to learn through vocalisations and providing emotional support. Our support for this invaluable service means the charity will be able to fund a full-time Music Therapist plus two musical instruments for another year.

Downs Syndrome Association: £18,098
There are 40,000 people in the UK who have DS and the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) exists to help people with DS live full and rewarding lives. We’re proud to support the charity’s new DSActive Nutritional Campaign which has been designed to help educate DSActive players and coaches about healthy eating. DSActive is a unique sports programme giving children and adults with DS the chance to get involved in sport and live healthier, more active lives. Alongside tackling the issue of lack of exercise, the DSActive Nutritional Campaign will provide the opportunity to work with nutritionists to develop up to date advice for people with DS as well as fact sheets for parents and easy to read version for people with DS. It will also include a nutrition app developed with Middlesex University, helping people with DS make healthy decisions as well as tracking food consumption and providing healthy recipe ideas. The transformational DSActive Nutritional Campaign aims to improve the overall health of over 650 people who take part in DSActive across the UK.

Grief Encounter: £8,528
Thought leaders in the field of bereavement support, Grief Encounter is dedicated to boosting the mental and physical health of children and their parents who have suffered a devastating loss. We’re honoured to support the charity by helping them to offer the Outward Bound Bereavement Break to counteract the effects of bereavement. Hosting 40 children and their carers, the respite break will take place during a weekend in October, enabling guests to enjoy a range of activities designed to give a healthy physical workout, from zip-wires and aeroball to abseiling and trampoline, helping to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. As well as campfire sessions and the chance to build bonds with other families, and surrounded by peaceful countryside, guests are able to share their emotions and receive counselling to help them manage their emotions and build a brighter future for themselves. griefencounter.org.uk

The Dystonia Society: £5,000
Dystonia is a condition that triggers uncontrollable and sometimes painful muscle spasms caused by incorrect signals from the brain. It is estimated to affect around 70,000 people in the UK with 83% of suffers experiencing pain, 75% reporting an impact on their social life and 65% suffering from related anxiety or depression. The Dystonia Society promotes the welfare of people who’re affected by the illness, while supporting those affected and undertaking welfare initiatives. We’re very proud to support the society by funding their helpline. A core service for their members, the helpline is a vital lifeline for many people who otherwise have little or no contact with anyone else who has or understands the debilitating condition. It’s great to know that the support we’re able to offer means their members can continue to have access to an experienced, knowledgeable team who understand the condition and can listen and support them through.

We’ll be working closely with each of our charitable partners to ensure we continue to evaluate the positive impacts our donations are having.


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