Simplyhealth welcomes Insurance Premium Tax stability

Healthcare provider Simplyhealth welcomes the government's decision not to increase Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

Jamie Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director says: "We are pleased that the government has chosen not to increase IPT in this year's budget. We believe this shows that it understands that health insurance is an important part of our healthcare system, and rewards individuals that are taking a proactive approach to their healthcare. We hope that more individuals will look into the different ways they can take further responsibility for their healthcare needs.
"We believe that companies have an important role to play in helping employees to look after their health, and it is therefore encouraging to see that they are not facing increased IPT costs. We hope that this stability will now encourage more companies to invest in health and wellbeing benefits.

"There are also healthcare options for employers that do not incur IPT. Simplyhealth has specialised in self funded health plans for 25 years and have seen that they are increasingly becoming an attractive option for larger businesses looking for a bespoke health plan with more control over the costs."


Notes to editors

- We became Simplyhealth in 2009 after bringing together HSA, BCWA, LHF, HealthSure, Totally Active, our   family of health companies have joined together over the last ten years to form Simplyhealth

- We've been providing healthcare solutions for 140 years, dedicated to serving our customers and patients through a variety of cash plans, dental plans, private medical insurance, self funded health plans and mobility and living aids 

- Simplyhealth is a trading name of Simplyhealth Access, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Simplyhealth as it stands today, now covers nearly four million people with health plans (more than any other company) and helps 20,000 companies with their employees' health

- Simplyhealth is committed to making a positive impact on its communities. Each year, we donate over £1 million to  health related charities and causes


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