Simplyhealth's response to the CMA’s final report into the private healthcare market

Simplyhealth CEO Romana Abdin shares her thoughts on the CMA's (Competition and Market Authority) investigation into the private healthcare market.

Romana Abdin, Simplyhealth CEO
Throughout the CMA’s (Competition and Markets Authority) investigation into the private healthcare market Simplyhealth has been an active participant. We believe the findings, when implemented, will ultimately benefit the market and create a private healthcare landscape that is fairer for all. For Simplyhealth the most important outcome is around transparency of information, allowing patients to make informed choices about their care. This is an area we have been passionate about as an organisation for a long time and a measure that is far overdue. We’re also pleased private medical insurers will have a collaborative role to play to aid and shape this flow of information. We have already begun engaging with the relevant organisations that will collate and publish consultant and hospital outcomes. We will continue to work with and support the hospitals impacted by decisions made by the CMA, and will welcome new entrants into the market. We feel that the changes put forward by the CMA have the potential to reinvigorate the market and act as a catalyst for innovation and growth. We are hopeful that the market seizes the opportunity to explore other models of care and service delivery. At Simplyhealth we are committed to providing value for our customers and ensuring that they get the care they need and expect. We intend on fully embracing the changes marked out in the final report and expect the rest of the market to do likewise to ensure its effective implementation.
Romana Abdin, Simplyhealth CEO

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