Simplyhealth's response to Competition Commission’s provisional decision on remedies

Romana Abdin, Simplyhealth CEO
Following its initial review, the Competition Commission has announced five courses of action (remedies). Simplyhealth has been an active participant in the Competition Commission enquiry and supports its aim to create a fairer private healthcare market for all. At Simplyhealth we are committed to providing value for our customers and ensuring that they get the care they expect. We are pleased that the Competition Commission has noted the importance of transparent information. We look forward to working with the appointed organisation that will collate and publish consultant and hospital outcomes. The Commission has also recognised the need for consultant fees to be presented in a standard prescribed format which again, we believe will aid patients in making informed decisions about their care. We are also pleased the Commission listened to our recommendation not to proceed with tying hospital operators together as this could have led to higher prices for patients. We also welcome the removal of clinician incentive schemes as this will ensure patient need is at the forefront of decisions. We believe the remedies put forward by the Competition Commission represent a future healthcare market which will benefit patients and our customers.
Romana Abdin, Simplyhealth CEO

About Simplyhealth

  • We became Simplyhealth in 2009 after bringing together HSA, BCWA, LHF, HealthSure, Totally Active, our family of health companies have joined together over the last ten years to form Simplyhealth•    
  • In December 2011, we acquired Denplan Limited, the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist
  • We’ve been providing healthcare solutions for over 140 years, dedicated to serving our customers and patients through a variety of cash plans, dental plans, private medical insurance, self funded health plans and mobility and living aids
  • Simplyhealth is a trading name of Simplyhealth Access, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. 
  • Simplyhealth as it stands today, now covers nearly four million people with health plans (more than any other company) and helps 20,000 companies with their employees’ health
  • Simplyhealth is committed to making a positive impact on its communities. Each year, we donate over £1 million to health related charities and causes