Surprise for Simplyhealth Independent Living volunteer

Simplyhealth Independent Living has surprised a store volunteer with a new electric wheelchair to thank him for his long term commitment.

Shaun Barker, who lives in Enham, has volunteered at the Independent Living Centre in Andover for over six years. He’s registered disabled and dedicates his time to helping customers.

Kevin Snowball, Managing Director of Simplyhealth Independent Living
Shaun is an absolute asset to our store in Andover. Being a powerchair  user himself, he’s able to offer customers information about our products and also speak from personal experience. This advice is something that our customers really value.

For all of Shaun’s hard work and dedication over the years, we’re delighted to give him a new chair. Shaun’s family fortunately gave us permission to secretly assess him so we could match the chair to his needs and order it without him knowing. We hope it came as a great surprise!

Kevin Snowball, Managing Director of Simplyhealth Independent Living
I love working at the Simplyhealth Independent Living store. It gets me out and about and gives me the opportunity to meet lots of new people. I really enjoy working with the team and helping people with their choices. The new chair was such a big surprise and I can’t thank Simplyhealth enough! It’s a really special gift for me as it’s a much better chair than my old one and gives me much better support.
Shaun Barker

Simplyhealth Independent Living Centres can be found in Andover, Bristol, Burnham, Droitwich, Leeds, Norwich and Salford. To locate a store, browse online, or to find out more about Simplyhealth, please visit