The effect of the new government on healthcare

The NHS and health service provision were a key topic during the election which unexpectedly saw the Conservative Party win an overall majority. With the government now in office, Simplyhealth has produced a white paper exploring the challenges it may face over the next five years and the demand that could be placed on private health provision and employer involvement.  

The National Health Service (NHS) England faces a funding black hole of £30 billion by 2020/21 . Although the Conservatives have pledged an additional £8 billion over the next five years  to support the NHS England Five Year Forward View, it is unclear how quickly the government will act to make changes. Funding and an ageing population are key challenges for the NHS. The NHS England five year plan suggests a shift in healthcare provision with support for workplace incentives to promote employee health and giving people greater control over their healthcare.

Raman Sankaran, Sales Director at Simplyhealth
The NHS is facing challenges and will need to continue to make difficult decisions and focus on the most serious health conditions. People are living longer and the number of people aged 90 and over in the UK has tripled since the early 1980s. Life expectancy is also predicted to continue to rise. 

People may need to take more personal responsibility for their health, and employers may also need to take more responsibility for the health of their employees. Health cash plans, whether employer or employee paid, include benefits people will use to maintain their everyday health needs, such as dental care, eye tests and physiotherapy. They are a valued product and can reduce absence rates by helping to prevent further health problems arising. 

As the NHS looks to maintain its core services and patients have greater choice and access to information and treatments, private health provision may evolve to offer a broader range of services. This could also affect the demand for cover options through employer schemes, which are likely to play a key part in meeting the future health demand.
Raman Sankaran, Sales Director at Simplyhealth

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